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New Integration: Comet + TensorBoardX

We’re excited to announce another excellent and powerful integration with Comet—TensorBoardX! This integration allows you to automatically log TensorBoardX events directly in Comet, adding yet another means of visualizing you machine learning experiments.

About TensorBoardX

TensorBoardX is an open-source, TensorBoard-like API that allows data scientists to effectively track and visualize their model metrics and parameters.

About the Integration

With the new Comet integration, data scientists can extend the functionality of TensorBoardX, logging their visualizations to Comet by changing just a single line of code. This enables a wide range of custom visualizations and the ability to compare model metrics, parameters, code, and much more.

Getting Started

Getting started with this integration is incredibly easy—it works out of the box and only requires one line of additional code to initialize.

The following resources should help you start logging TensorBoardX events in Comet in no time:

  • Colab Notebook – Our Notebook is ready to run, but you can also create a copy if you’d like to modify it.
  • TensorBoardX Repo – Need a crash course on TensorBoardX? Check out this GitHub repo for more.
  • A free Comet account: Building with Comet is absolutely free—unlimited public and private projects, 100GB of storage, hyperparameter search, and more!
Dhruv | Comet ML

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