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Realize Business Value with AI Faster

Leading Fortune-100 companies use Comet to improve productivity, collaboration, and visibility for their ML projects. Comet’s ML platform is built to handle the intense demands of enterprise deep learning at scale.

Hundreds of Innovative Teams Choose Comet

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Built for the Intense Demands of Enterprise Deep Learning at Scale

Comet’s platform supports some of the world’s most innovative enterprise teams deploying deep learning at massive scale. Deploy our purpose-built platform wherever you train your models, even with the tools you build and maintain. Design the solutions architecture that best fits your business requirements, use cases, and deployment strategy. Our expert team provides DevOps, product, and technical support.

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Any Infrastructure

Comet’s platform supports any deployment strategy, so you can use the best infrastructure for your requirements. We treat virtual private cloud (VPC) and on-premises environments as first-class citizens.

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API-first Integrations

Use your preferred data science libraries and frameworks. You have the freedom to choose the best tools for your organization and use case. Get started fast, by adding two lines of code to your training environment.

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Enterprise Scale and Support

From onboarding through regular business reviews, our Customer Success team provides DevOps, product, and technical support. Our 24/7, multi-channel support network ensures your team can ask questions, request features, and get help as soon as they need it.

Easy to Set Up

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Security and Control

Comet gives you a peace of mind that experiments, models, and results are saved, secure, and encrypted. With full integrations into SSO, SAML, LDAP, and CAS, you can easily manage users and team. Comet is SOC 2 certified.

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Auditing and Explainability

Comet’s platform allows you to review your models, providing insights and tools to understand feature importance, meet AI compliance standards, and debug models faster.

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