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Comet Launches Prompt Management Tools to revolutionize your Large Language Model workflow.

Model Versioning Designed for Faster Iteration and More Confidence in Releases

Save and promote your best-performing model versions ahead of production. Easily track changes throughout your model lifecycle and compare the performance of models in production.

Model Versioning and Lineage

Model Lifecycle

CI/CD Integration (webhooks)

Centralized, Managed View of Your Model’s Journey to Production

Model Stage Management

Easily tag and identify model stages from development and staging to production. Create custom tags to identify your best performing model, categorize different model versions and inform your deployment process.

Track and Document Model Changes

Automatically track every change to your model’s history. Track model changes and create detailed comments. You’ll always be on top of your model’s history.

Observability for Models Across the ML Lifecycle

Model Lineage For Reproducibility and Validation

Track your model’s full journey, from the original dataset used to your training parameters and metrics, so you can build the best model for the task.

Full Transparency into Model Data

A model can be any collection of files or folders you choose. After you log a model, you can see the latest version and all previous versions.

Team Collaboration Made Easy

Register models to a workspace to share them with a team. Link them to datasets, deployment stages, and performance.

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