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Track Your LLM Experimentation with CometLLM

Log and Visualize Your LLM Prompts and Chains to CometLLM. Determine the best prompts and templates for your specific use cases!

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CometLLM Integrates Seamlessly with Your Existing LLM Tech Stack




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Comprehensively Evaluate LLM Outputs

Managing and Reviewing thousands and thousands of prompts can be tedious.  Find specific prompts, templates, and responses using our keyword search!

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Documenting Human Feedback for your prompts is an imperative step in improving LLM performance. Give your prompts a thumbs up or thumbs down and make it easy to find your best performing prompts!

Tokens have a huge impact on your LLM-related costs. Add token usage information and to make sure you aren’t exceeding token limits!

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Get Started Right Away


With a simple ‘pip install’ and just two lines of Code, CometLLM is super easy to add to your current workflows!


CometLLM is open-sourced. Give us your feedback, ideas or questions directly on the repo!

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