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Join Us for Comet's Annual Convergence Conference on May 8-9:

Advanced ML: Parameter Optimization

A guide to using an Iterative Strategy for Hyperparameter Optimization.

Profiling Datasets

In this report we explore how to log profiles of your Pandas DataFrames, use them to assess the quality of your inputs, and identify the data constraints of your model.

Advanced ML: Parallelism

In this report we explore two of the most common methods for parallelized training in Machine Learning: Data Parallelism and Inter-Model Parallelism.

Logging Curves to Comet

Learn how to visualize your ROC and Precision-Recall Curves using Comet Reports and Panels.

Creating Panels with Vega

Learn how to build Vega visualizations directly in Comet Panels. This report will walk you through working with the Vega Visualization Grammar.

Custom Visualizations to Debug Object Detection Models

See how custom panels can help visualize predictions from Object Detection Models.

Tensorflow Model Analysis

Learn how to log Tensorflow Model Analysis (TFMA) visualizations to Comet.

Visualizations to Interpret Convolutional Neural Networks

Explore a set of techniques that help visualize filters, layers and features in Convolutional Neural Networks.
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