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Debugging Large Language Models with Comet LLMOps Tools

Comet’s LLMOps tools are designed to allow users to leverage the latest advancement in Prompt Management and query models in Comet to iterate quicker, identify performance bottlenecks, and visualize the internal state of the Prompt Chains.

comet llmops tool, prompt management

Integrations with Leading Large Language Models and Libraries

Integrating with LangChain

Comet’s integration with LangChain allows you to track, visualize and compare chains so you can iterate faster

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Integrating with OpenAI’s Python SDK

Capture usage data and prompt / responses pairs automatically so that you never lose track of your past experiments

Exploration and debugging tools for building the best Large Language Models

Comet’s LLMOps tools are focused on quicker iterations for…

Prompt Playground

Comet’s Prompt Playground allows Prompt Engineers to iterate quickly with different Prompt Templates and understand the impact on different contexts.

comet llmops tool

Prompt History

Keeping track of prompts, responses and chains is key to understanding and debugging the behavior of ML products based on Large Language Models.

comet llmops tool, prompt management

Prompt Usage Tracker

Working with and iterating on Large Language models requires you to use paid APIs. We track usage based at a project and experiment level to help you understand your usage at a granular level.

comet llmops tool
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