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7 Simple Steps to Standardizing the ML Experiment (Jan. 12)

Welcome to another recap of the Comet ML Office Hours, powered by The Artists of Data Science! This week we’re covering Session 2 of our new series. This session took place Jan. 12th, 2022.

As a reminder, we’d love to see any and all of you at these fifty minute sessions—so feel free to register for upcoming Office Hours sessions here! As always, there’s a lot more in the full session (which you can find on our YouTube channel), so be sure to check it out, alongside clips from roundtables, webinars, and previous Office Hours.

Defining Scope and Success

As we embark on this 8-session series on Standardizing the Experiment, one thing to keep in mind is that tons of work goes into an ML project before a model begins: namely, defining scope and success, the focus of this week’s session.

When defining success, a clear understanding is needed for all stakeholders, with project outcomes and objectives consistent across teams. Find out more from the clip below:

Key Habits

Harpreet highlighted two key habits that are needed for creating ML projects that are consistently reproducible, standardized, and collaborative:

Keeping track of metadata and using a systemized way of logging that data.

Ask Questions

Overall the main takeaway was to ask questions. Ask the business’s objectives, ask for priorities, ask for the current solution, ask everything.

Harpreet went over a number of questions that all data scientists and ML engineers should be asking before tackling a project. Protecting your time, energy, and resources is paramount and can only happen if you gather enough information at the start of the project versus midway through.


During the session Harpreet highlighted the work of Andrew Ng, particularly his Machine Learning Coursera course. Harpreet also wrote an article on Heartbeat defining scope and success.

As always, there’s more to be discussed and discovered. Check out Comet’s contributor-led publication Heartbeat as well as our YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more great information.

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