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Upcoming Comet Industry Q&A: Building Creative User Interfaces and Experiences with Machine Learning

A conversation with Hart Woolery of 2020CV and Victor Dibia of Cloudera Fast Forward Labs

After an awesome (re)start to the Comet Industry Q&A series, we’re back with another community event, featuring two guests we’re incredibly excited to host—as well as a topic we believe is ripe for an insightful and fun conversation.


ICYMI, you can watch the full session and clips from last month’s “Collaborative ML and Data Science” event here


We’d love to have you join us (virtually, for now)—Tuesday, August 24th, at 1pm ET / 10am PT. We’ll be hosting a conversation with 2 industry leaders at the forefront of a new wave user interfaces and experiences that are powered by creative and immersive applications of machine and deep learning.

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About the Event

With the relatively recent advent of GANs, large Transformer model architectures, and other implementations of generative deep learning models, we’ve been witnessing a new era of programmatic creativity that’s centered on machine intelligence.

From the powerful deep learning models that serve as the foundation for immersive extended reality experiences (i.e. Snapchat Lenses), to conversational agents and text generation services that closely mimic human speech and writing (i.e. GPT-3 implementations), creative applications of machine learning are certainly on the rise.

Given this reality, we wanted to chat with a couple of industry leaders at the forefront of this new wave of creative UI’s and UX’s powered by machine learning. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Hart Woolery of 202CV and Victor Dibia of Cloudera Fast Forward Labs for a wide-ranging discussion about this new, exciting trend linking ML and creativity:

An exploration of how the worlds of art and technology are colliding

‍ The potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence to shape human-computer interaction.

☢️ The risks and unexplored consequences of increasingly immersive experiences powered by ML

And much more!

About the Guests

Hart Woolery is the CEO and Founder of 2020CV Inc, a company that specializes in the creation of Augmented Reality experiences using Machine Learning and Computer Vision.  Hart has been creating software for almost 30 years, with a self-taught background and a passion for bringing new ideas to life.  2020CV was founded in 2017 and is backed by Mark Cuban.

Victor Dibia is a Research Engineer at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs. His interests are at the intersection of applied machine learning and human-computer interaction (HCI).  Victor’s recent work has explored interactive interfaces that illustrate ML model behaviour (Anomagram, ConvNet Playground) and applying ML models in improving user interactions and workflows (Data2Vis, Handtrack.js, NeuralQA). His research has been published at conferences such as EMNLP, AAAI, and CHI, receiving multiple best paper awards.   

He has previously worked as a Research Staff Member at IBM Research, Technical Lead for MIT Global Startup Labs, Researcher at the Innovation Management Lab, Athens Information Technology Athens Greece, and founder/lead developer for a small startup focused on West African markets.

Register and Attend for Free

This event is free to attend, and will also be available on demand for those who register but cannot make the live session. We’ll also set aside some time for an audience Q&A, so be sure to bring questions you have.

We’d love to have you join us—and be on the lookout for more events like this in the future.

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Austin Kodra

Austin Kodra

Austin Kodra is the Head of Community at Comet, where he works with Comet's talented community of Data Scientists and Machine Learners.
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