get_multi_metric_chart: Get Multi-Metric Chart


Get Multi-Metric Chart


r get_multi_metric_chart( experiment_keys, metrics = list(), params = list(), full = TRUE, independent = TRUE, api_key = NULL )


Argument Description
experiment_keys List of experiment keys.
metrics List of metric names to retrieve.
params List of parameter names to retrieve.
full Whether to fetch all values (up to 15,000) or a sampled subset (about 500 points).
independent Whether the metrics should be fetched individually or as a correlated whole (only return values for steps for which you have values for every requested metric name).
api_key Comet API key (can also be specified using the COMET_API_KEY parameter as an environment variable or in a comet config file).


```r library(cometr)

Assuming you have COMET_API_KEY variable defined

experiment <- "" metrics <- c("", "") get_multi_metric_chart(experiment_keys = experiment, metrics = metrics) ```