call_api: Call a Comet REST API endpoint


This function is only meant for advanced users. If you would like to call any arbitrary Comet API endpoint that isn't natively supported by cometr , you can use this function.


r call_api( endpoint, method = c("GET", "POST"), params = list(), response_json = TRUE, api_key = NULL )


Argument Description
endpoint The REST API endpoint.
method The HTTP method to use, either "GET" or "POST".
params A list of parameters. For GET endpoints, the parameters are appended to the URL; for POST endpoints, the parameters are sent in the body of the request.
response_json If TRUE , try to parse the response as JSON. If FALSE , return the response as raw data (useful when the response is a file).
api_key Comet API key (can also be specified using the COMET_API_KEY parameter as an environment variable or in a comet config file).


The parsed response