Academic Access

How to claim your academic access

Comet provides free access for students, researchers, professors, and the broader academic community. To claim your academic access, follow the steps below. For support questions, please email for further assistance.

Step 1: Sign up to Comet

If you have not created a Comet account, go to the Comet Academics page and click the Create a free academic account button. Sign up with your email or GitHub account.

Step 2: Claim academic access

If you already have a Comet account but have not yet claimed your academic access, go to the Claim Academic Access page to claim your academic access. Submit your academic information (academic email address and position) here.

Step 3: Email confirmation

Comet will send a verification email to your academic email address with a confirmation link. Once you click the confirmation link your academic access will be activated. Your personal workspace will be upgraded to Academic, which includes free access to the Comet Teams tier. Verify your academic access by going to Workspace -> Settings -> Plan. You will see Teams Workspace: Free Academic Access.

Step 4: Manage your academic Workspace

Your academic access will automatically apply to your personal workspace. Academic Plan will display in the navigation bar of this workspace.

Make sure you organize all of your academic projects and experiments here. Academic access will not transfer to other workspaces you create.

Step 5: Additional support

If you encounter problems claiming your academic access, please send us a support inquiry at