Ankit Virmani

Ankit Virmani

Senior Cloud Data Architect/Field CTO at Google

Ankit is a seasoned ML leader with Google, helping organizations develop scalable, reliable and performant ML platforms on Google Cloud. He has over a decade of progressive work experience with machine learning, data engineering and ethical AI and serves as a member of the Forbes Technology council to evangelize the use of responsible AI.

Watch live: May 8, 2024 @ 4:55 – 5:25 pm ET

Real-Time RAG in LLM Applications

This talk will go over a real-life example/demo of how to keep the vector DB up to date using streaming pipelines, importance of RAGs and how they can be used to eliminate hallucinations, which can have a huge catastrophic impact on the outputs of LLMs. It would be a great session for data and machine learning engineers would want to learn through a deep dive session on how to fine tune LLMs using open source libraries.