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Comet Recognized as a Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies by Gartner®

Less friction,
more ML

Comet’s machine learning platform integrates with your existing infrastructure and tools so you can manage, visualize, and optimize models—from training runs to production monitoring.

Trusted by the most innovative ML teams

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Trusted by the most innovative ML teams

Monitor and manage models, from small teams to massive scale

Add two lines of code to your notebook or script and automatically start tracking code, hyperparameters, metrics, and more, so you can compare and reproduce training runs.

Experiment Management
1 from comet_ml import Experiment
3 # Initialize the Comet logger
4 experiment = Experiment()

Comet’s ML platform gives you visibility into training runs and models so you can iterate faster.

Experiment Management

In addition to the 30+ built-in visualizations Comet provides, you can code your own visualizations using Plotly and Matplotlib.

Knowing what data was used to train a model is a key part of the MLOps lifecycle. Comet Artifacts allows you to track data by uploading directly to Comet’s machine learning platform or by storing a reference to it.

Comet Artifacts

Comet Model Registry allows you to keep track of your models ready for deployment. Thanks to the tight integration with Comet Experiment Management, you will have full lineage from training to production.

Comet Model Registry

The performance of models deployed to production degrade over time, either due to drift or data quality. Use Comet’s machine learning platform to identify drift and track accuracy metrics using baselines automatically pulled from training runs.

Comet Model Production Monitoring
1 from comet_ml import Experiment
3 # Initialize the Comet logger
4 experiment = Experiment()
Expirement Management | Comet ML
Interactive Visualizations | Comet ML
Track Version Datasets and Artifacts | Comet ML
Model Registry | Comet ML
Model Production Monitoring | Comet ML

An Extensible, Fully Customizable Machine Learning Platform

Comet’s ML platform supports productivity, reproducibility, and collaboration, no matter what tools you use to train and deploy models: managed, open source, or in-house. Use Comet’s platform on cloud, virtual private cloud (VPC), or on-premises.

Manage and version your training data, track and compare training runs, create a model registry, and monitor your models in production—all in one platform.

Machine Learning Platform | Comet ML

Move ML Forward—Your Way

Run Comet’s ML platform on any infrastructure. Bring your existing software and data stack. Use code panels to create visualizations in your preferred user interfaces.

An ML Platform Built for Enterprise, Driven by Community

Comet’s ML platform is trusted by innovative data scientists, ML practitioners, and engineers in the most demanding enterprise environments.

Enterprise User

"Comet has aided our success with ML and serves to further ML development within Zappos.”
reduction in order returns due to size
Kyle Anderson
Director of Software Engineering

Enterprise User

"Comet offers the most complete experiment tracking solution on the market. It’s brought significant value to our business."
Service for millions of customers
Olcay Cirit
Staff Research and Tech Lead

Community User

“Comet enables us to speed up research cycles and reliably reproduce and collaborate on our modeling projects. It has become an indispensable part of our ML workflow.”
NLP tools for thousands of researchers
Victor Sanh
Machine Learning Scientist

Community User

"None of the other products have the simplicity, ease of use and feature set that Comet has."
Developing speech and language algorithms
Ronny Huang
Research Scientist

Enterprise User

"After discovering Comet, our deep learning team’s productivity went up. Comet is easy to set up and allows us to move research faster."
speech recognition with deep learning
Guru Rao
Head of AI

Enterprise User

"We can seamlessly compare and share experiments, debug and stop underperforming models. Comet has improved our efficiency."
Pioneering family history research
Carol Anderson
Staff Data Scientist
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