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Comet Launches Kangas, an Open Source Data Analysis, Exploration and Debugging Tool for Machine Learning.

ML System Design for Continuous Experimentation

Shifting data distributions, upstream pipeline failures, and model predictions impacting the very dataset they're trained on can create thorny feedback loops between development and production. In this webinar, we will Examine some naive ML workflows that don't take the development-production feedback loop into account and explore why they break down.

ML in the Field featuring Vignesh Shetty of GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare projects are delivering REAL impactful business contributions, including reducing MRI imaging time by up to 50% while improving image quality, 30-50% reduction in exam time and 70% reduction in no-show rates. Listen to this in-depth interview and learn: -How large of an AI/ML team is needed for these impactful projects -What level of industry/domain expertise is needed by AI practitioners
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