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Integrate with Deepnote

Deepnote is a cloud based notebook tool that’s built for collaboration.

Deepnote allows you to easily work on your data science projects, together in real-time and in one place with your friends and colleagues; helping you turn your ideas and analyses into products faster.

Integrate Comet into your Deepnote Notebooks to track and analyze your models, hyperparameters, metrics and much more.

Try Comet with DeepNote

Getting Started with Comet and Deepnote

Configure your Comet Credentials

Use Deepnote's Environment Variable integration to set your Comet credentials in your notebook.


Install Comet

You can install Comet in your notebook using the following command

pip install comet_ml

or define comet_ml in your requirements.txt file.

Initialize Comet

Initialize Comet in the notebook and create an experiment object using the following command

import comet_ml

experiment = comet_ml.Experiment()

You are now ready to start tracking your notebooks with Comet! You can take a look at some completed runs from this example in this Comet Project.

Try it out

Try out a full example of using Comet with Deepnote here.

Apr. 19, 2024