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Integrate with Prophet

Facebook Prophet is a fast forecasting procedure for time series (calendar) data that provides complete automated forecasts that can be further tuned by hand.

import comet_ml

import os
import pandas as pd
from fbprophet import Prophet
from fbprophet.diagnostics import cross_validation
from fbprophet.plot import plot_cross_validation_metric

experiment = comet_ml.Experiment()

df = pd.read_csv("example_wp_log_peyton_manning.csv")

m = Prophet()
# Your training code

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Log automatically

When you run Facebook Prophet with Comet, the following items are automatically logged:

  • Hyperparameters
  • Model
  • Figures

Configure Comet for Prophet

Prophet codeWhat is automatically loggedHow to control
Prophet()logs all hyperparametersExperiment(auto_param_logging=True) modelExperiment(log_graph=True)
cross_validation()logs items logged with
plot()logs matplotlib figureCOMET_AUTO_LOG_FIGURES=1 or in ~/.comet.config
plot_components()logs matplotlib figureCOMET_AUTO_LOG_FIGURES=1 or in ~/.comet.config
plot_cross_validation_metric()logs matplotlib figureCOMET_AUTO_LOG_FIGURES=1 or in ~/.comet.config

You can control each of these by setting the Experiment argument to False or the config variable to 0.

End-to-end example

import comet_ml

import os
import pandas as pd
from prophet import Prophet
from prophet.diagnostics import cross_validation
from prophet.plot import plot_cross_validation_metric

experiment = comet_ml.Experiment(
    api_key="<Your API Key>",
    project_name="<Your Project Name>"

# You will need to download this file from
df = pd.read_csv('./example_wp_log_peyton_manning.csv')

model = Prophet()

future = model.make_future_dataframe(periods=365)
forecast = model.predict(future)

df_cv = cross_validation(model, initial="730 days", period="180 days", horizon="365 days")
plot_cross_validation_metric(df_cv, "mse")


There are alternatives to setting the API key programatically. See more here.

Try it out!

Here is an example for using Comet with Prophet.

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Nov. 29, 2022