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JavaScript Panels

This page presents specifics about working with JavaScript Panels.

General instructions for creating Python and JavaScript Panels are here.

Comet open source JavaScript libraries

We have begun to collect additional useful JavaScript functions into an open source collection here: Currently, we have the following collections:

You can include minimized versions of any of the JavaScript libraries in the Resource section using these libraries:

Library/DocumentationType of ResourceDescription
math.js/math.mdJavaScriptA set of functions that Python programmers would find useful (such as avg, sum) and statistical functions (such as standard deviation)
table.js/table.mdJavaScriptUtilities for converting an array of dictionaries into an HTML table
utils.js/utils.mdJavaScriptMiscellaneous convenience functions
table.cssCSSStylesheet for table.js tables, above

You can include any resource in a Panel (including those above) by pasting the URL into the Resource URL field and selecting the proper Resource Type.

If you develop useful JavaScript libraries or CSS not found elsewhere (or would like to contribute to the above), feel free to make a pull request to include them in the collection. We are especially interested in including JavaScript libraries that make Panel-writing easier for Python programmers, or for specific functions that interact with Comet's JavaScript SDK.

Make the most of JavaScript Panels

Apply the following guidelines as you create and refine your JavaScript Panels.

  • You may have to open your browser's web development view to see additional errors.
  • Start small, and use console.log() often to check intermediate results.

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Nov. 23, 2023