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Artifact pages

Comet Artifacts allow you to keep track of assets beyond any particular experiment. You can keep track of Artifact versions, create many types of assets, manage them, and use them in any step in your ML pipelines---from training to production deployment.

Artifact pages are accessible in the UI from Workspaces.

Artifacts in workspaces

Clicking Artifacts shows the list of all Artifacts for this Workspace. From here you can search by tag name (select from list), visibility (public or private), Artifact type (select from list), and artifact name, project name. You can also sort by Artifact and ID.


Click a particular Artifact to see all of the versions for it. Here you can edit its symbol, public or private visibility, type, and a description. You can also delete an Artifact from here.

Artifact versions

Finally, you can see all of the individual files that are stored in an Artifact. Clicking the file shows a preview, if available.

Artifact files

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The Python SDK provides methods for performing operations with Artifacts.

Apr. 27, 2022