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Track data lineage

As your team and your machine learning operations scale, it becomes more challenging to track and version datasets and to link dataset versions to the models they were used to create. You may want to analyze more granular aspects of the data. For example, compare different subsets of data, or perhaps explore how your data from a year ago is different from your data today, and how the data differs by model.

Comet Artifact Lineage provides an interactive way for you and your team to explore and compare datasets so you can better understand and visualize the datasets that you are using for machine learning.

Lineage is also very useful when running multi-stage pipelines as it ensures centralized, managed and versioned access to any of the intermediate data produced in the process.

View dataset lineage

Artifact Lineage is available within the different versions of your Artifacts.

  1. Click Artifacts.
  2. Choose the dataset and version you wish to view.
  3. Click Lineage.

Artifact lineage

You can view your Artifact assets, metadata, and lineage. Explore the entire Experiment graph to find the right dataset and the right model.

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May. 17, 2024