Deploying Comet

Comet is available to deploy on all major cloud providers
and most common Linux distributions for free.
Users can choose to set up a Linux server, Amazon AMI,
Docker or virtual machine.
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On-Premise installation options

There are 3 different types of Comet deployments that are
run on your own servers: Self-serve, Managed by Comet
and On-premise. The Self-Serve option allows you to run a fully functioning Comet installation for free but is limited
to a single user.

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Get started with 3 easy steps

Follow the steps in order to deploy Comet’s Self-Serve deployment on your own infrastructure, note it is limited to a single user.

Generate a license token

Fill in the ‘Get your license token form‘, and we will send you an email.

Check your inbox

You will receive 2 emails: one to confirm your email and a second with your license token.

Run the following commands

Once you have received your license token, you can install Comet by running:


curl -sL | sudo bash

cometctl init --license-token {provided key}

cometctl aio install
Full installation guide
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