Deploying Comet Self Hosted

Comet is available to deploy on all major cloud providers
and most common Linux distributions for free.
Users can choose to set up a Linux server, Amazon AMI,
GCP Image, Docker or virtual machine.
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Self hosted installation options

image/svg+xmlComet self-hosted optionsLinux VM/Bare-metalAWS MarketplaceGoogle Cloud MarketplaceKubernetes / Containers

Comet offers versatile installation options tailored to suit a range of infrastructural needs. You can opt to deploy Comet on:

  • Linux VM/Bare-metal: Ideal for those who prefer traditional hosting methods, or have already invested in such infrastructures.
  • Cloud Marketplaces: Easily find us on AWS or GCP marketplaces to streamline your deployment in cloud environments.
  • Kubernetes/Containers: A modern approach for scalable, resilient, and efficient deployments, especially for those familiar with container orchestration.

Moreover, for organizations that don't want to manage their deployments, Comet is pleased to offer management services. Even if you choose to host on your own infrastructure, our team can oversee the deployment, ensuring it's optimally configured, up to date, secure, and resilient. This allows you to harness the full power of Comet, while ensuring smooth integration with your existing systems.

Check Out Our Enterprise offering

Comet MLOps Platform on AWS


To get started with Comet on an AWS EC2 instance, you can use our pre-configured Amazon Machine Image (AMI) available on AWS Marketplace. The AMI comes with Comet pre-installed so no application installation is necessary - simply add your free license key after launch to get started. Follow the link below for more information and instructions to launch an instance with the AMI.

Launch Comet MLOps Platform on AWS Marketplace

Comet MLOps Platform on GCP


You can now launch Comet on a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) instance with ease, using our pre-configured image available on GCP Marketplace. The image includes Comet pre-installed, so you won't need to go through the setup process - just add your free license key post-launch. Detailed instructions and the link to get started are provided below.

Launch Comet MLOps Platform on GCP Marketplace

Get started with 3 easy steps

Follow the steps in order to deploy Comet’s Self-Serve deployment on your own infrastructure, note it is limited to a single user.

Generate a license token

Fill in the ‘Get your license token form‘, and we will send you an email.

Check your inbox

You will receive 2 emails: one to confirm your email and a second with your license token.

Run the following commands

Once you have received your license token, you can install Comet by running the commands below.
Note: the first and last commands are unnecessary if using the Comet MLOps Platform on AWS or GCP. See the Comet MLOps Platform guide from the link below for more information.


curl -sL | sudo bash

cometctl init --license-token {provided key}

cometctl aio install
Comet MLOps Platform on AWS Guide Linux Server Guide
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