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Enabling SMTP

SMTP is enabled by default.
The Comet SMTP server is currently supported on a best-effort basis only.

If you want to provide your own SMTP server, run cometctl aio update-config and make sure to change the following values:

smtp_enabled: true
smtp_host: <host>
smtp_port: <port>
smtp_user: <user>
smtp_password: <password>
smtp_protocol: <smtp or smtps>
mail_from: <>


Should you use port 587 or port 465?

  • Port 587: This is the preferred port for mail submission. If you use port 587, set smtp_protocol to smtp. Connections through this port initiate in plain text and are then upgraded to an encrypted connection using TLS (Transport Layer Security). This upgrade ensures that email contents, passwords, and other sensitive data are encrypted during transit.

  • Port 465: This port was previously used for Secure SMTP (SMTPS). It has now been deprecated by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and its use is not recommended. However, some legacy email systems may still use Port 465 for SMTP with SSL/TLS encryption. If you're using port 465, set smtp_protocol`` tosmtps`. This guarantees an encrypted connection right from the beginning.

For additional documentation, please contact Comet at

Jun. 14, 2024