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Caveats and FAQΒΆ

  • I'm seeing a prompt asking me to restart as part of the install

On certain newer distributions of Linux, you may be prompted as part of cometctl init or cometctl install with an ncurses prompt asking whether you'd like to restart any services. If you do not know what to do here, you may hit enter and bypass this.

  • The curl command fails to install

Certain distributions will prompt for a confirmation to install the packages pulled in by the script pulled in by the first command. Save the script first and run it as a separate command and hit Y when prompted to install the packages.

  • How can I verify the health of my application deployment?

One straightforward method is by accessing the following URL: http://your-deployment-host/api/isAlive/ping. You should receive a JSON response like this:

{"msg":"Healthy Server","code":200,"data":null,"sdk_error_code":0}
Additionally, you can perform a simple test by logging an experiment and then verifying its appearance within the application UI.
  • How can I obtain or assign the Admin role within the Comet application?

By default, the first user who signs up for the Comet application is granted the Admin role. Once this initial Admin account is established, it has the privilege to assign the Admin role to other users via the Admin UI.

  • What should I do if we lose access to our Admin accounts?*

If you find yourself in this situation, you can utilize the ADMIN_USER_LIST:['username'] environment variable. This can be set in /etc/default/comet-ml or under the additionalConfigurations: section of your values.yaml helm chart. After setting the variable, make sure to restart the backend pods to apply the changes.

Apr. 19, 2024