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    project_name: typing.Optional[str] = None,
    workspace: typing.Optional[str] = None,
    run_name: typing.Optional[str] = None,
    tags: typing.Optional[typing.List[str]] = None,
    remove_config_values: typing.List[str] = [])

Creates a Comet spacy logger that starts an experiment and autologs useful information such as: params, score, losses and more.


  • project_name: The name of the Comet project.
  • workspace: The name of the Comet workspace.
  • run_name: The name of the run that will be displayed in Comet.
  • tags: tags list to add to the experiment.
  • remove_config_values: A list that contains the spacy configs that will be removed.

Returns: SetupLogger

Jun. 14, 2024