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Command line utilities

The comet_ml Python package contains a collection of CLI utilities:

comet initFor initializing your Comet environment
comet uploadFor uploading offline experiments
comet optimizeFor easy running of Optimizer scripts in parallel or serial
comet pythonFor injecting import comet_ml into your scripts
comet offlineFor exploring offline experiment ZIP files
comet checkFor checking and debugging your environment
comet modelsFor listing and downloading Registered Models

You can interactively get general help on these utilities using:

comet --help

and specific help with any of the following commands:

comet upload --help
comet optimize --help
comet python --help
comet offline --help
comet check --help
comet models --help
comet models list --help
comet models download --help
comet init --help

You can also easily see the comet_ml version by using:

comet --version

The full reference documentation for these methods is available here.

May. 17, 2024